Sunday Worship

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    Sunday Worship Services


March 11, 2018

Scripture Readings:  
Matthew 16:5-12

For Me and For You: For Everyone?

Please check the video for this sermon and other sermon videos at our  Sermons and Videos Page

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our St. Timothy’s families offered in alphabetical order from our directory.
a) Donna F. – Anakay
b) Shirley F. – Kai, Cydney

2. Please pray for this week’s programs at St. Timothy’s:
a) The Willing Hands

3. Please pray for those who use our church building or property:
a) The Youth and Young People that use St. Timothy’s grounds as a gathering place.

4. Please pray for our community and those who live on
a) Deeprose Lane
b) Delaney Drive

5. Prayer thoughts
a) Pray that God’s love will spread throughout the world, so that all people may live in peace and harmony.
b) Pray for Christians in Iraq who are being persecuted by Isis because of their opposition to being converted to the Islamic faith.

6. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in local congregations:
a) St. Paul’s United Church